Combined League Honor Jazz Band (High School and Middle School)

November 14th, 2017 Frederick High School

Auditions due by Wednesday, September 27th

Results posted October, 6th

2017 Middle School Clinicians
  • Johnny Wynes
  • Sal Martorano
 2017 High School Clinicians
  • Orlando Otis
  • Erik Applegate

Link for honor jazz band audition submission

Link for honor jazz band entry form

High School Honor Band Audition:

Click here for more information on high school honor band procedures.

  • All auditions to be recorded in mp3 or m4a format

High School Jazz Audition

Middle School Honor Band Audition:

Middle School Jazz Band Audition Even Years

Middle School Jazz Band Audition Odd Years

Middle School Audition Play Along Tracks Odd Years


My name is Heather Meier and I am the band director at Coal Ridge MS in Firestone and the Middle School coordinator for the Combined Leagues Honor Jazz Band event in November.  
This event (held this year on TUESDAY, November 14 at Frederick HS) is an excellent learning opportunity for your developing jazz musicians. We will once again have two equally balanced groups.  I hope you and your students will be able to join us.
Here are the audition requirements:

The audition requirements are:


All winds (including non-trad instruments like Flute, Clarinet, etc) and Vibes:

  • “Take The A Train” (Ellington, arr. Michael Sweeney). The music is from The Best of Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble (Hal Leonard).
  •         m. 15-34 (saxes play top part when divisi)
  • PLUS – 12 bars of improvisation over the F Blues backing track (provided)
Bass (electric or upright), Piano and Guitar:
  • “Take The A Train”,m.5-28 take 2nd ending, and continue through coda to end
  • Guitar – Use the “No piano” backing track for your audition.
  • PLUS – 12 bars of improvisation over the F Blues backing track (provided)
  • Take The A Train, m.5-28 take 2nd ending, and continue through coda to end
  • PLUS – Demonstration of a rock, Latin and Swing styles (preferably 24 bars, with a fill (12+12) )  This should showcase the student’s strengths, but priority should be placed on swing and Latin. (No backing track needed.)
  • NO F Blues

The parts are in the following order. Only print the parts you need.


Alto 1
Tenor 1
Bari Sax
Trumpet 1
Trombone 1
Piano (pg. 1 only)
C Treble/Vibes
F Horn
Although I think these parts cover most of the possibilities, please be aware that not all of the arrangements selected by the clinicians this fall will come with extended instrumentation.  It is the responsibility of the accepted student’s director to transpose non-traditional parts (as needed) for their students. It is also the director’s responsibility to provide the music in a timely manner to allow the students time to prepare.  
As soon as I have the rep lists from the clinicians, I will order the music and scan the parts. The music will be available to the directors to distribute to students after audition results are announced.  
Please contact me if you have any questions.  Also, if you see any additions or deletions to this address list, please let me know!
Thank you!

Questions? Contact Christopher Thomas ( for High School and Heather Meier ( for Middle School Band.

Combined League Middle School Concert Band Festival:

Dear Fellow Directors,

I hope you all have had a great summer and are revived for a new school year.  We will again be hosting the Combine League Middle School Music Festival this fall.  This festival is for middle school ensembles and our goal is to provide a positive educational opportunity for all students and an opportunity for growth for students and directors.

The dates for the festival will be November 6th for Orchestra and November 7th for Bands.  We will be housed at Longmont High School and each ensemble will have 30 min warm up, 30 min for performance and clinic with the judges on stage, a noon time concert by LHS ensembles, and this year we are going to assign listening times to each ensemble so that we have an audience for all attending ensembles.  

Registration for each ensemble will be $250.  If you are in district I can get you account information to transfer funds and if you are outside of the St Vrain Valley payment must be made in full prior to the date of the festival.  Scheduling is first come first served and we will try as much as possible to work with directors on time needs.

Here is the registration form.

We are so excited to provide this great educational experience for students and we have found it so beneficial to get our groups to a festival at the beginning of the school year that we can build on for the rest of the year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we hope to see you all at the festival.


Nicole Kmoch(

Chue Vue(

Combined League Honor Bands (High School and Middle School)

January 8th, 2018 at the Union Colony Civic Center – Concert begins at 7:00

High School Honor Band:


Audition music is available here.

Please distribute all music to students as soon as possible via the dropbox link shared to you by Doug. Email him if you have not received your music link.

Be sure your kids have the 2016 Student Letter, and that you have planned according to the Day-of-Schedule for meals and transportation.

Please contact Doug Farr ( if you have any concerns or questions.

Middle School Honor Band:

Quick Facts:

Statement of philosophy:  The Combined League Middle School Honor Band is a select ensemble comprised of students in 7th and 8th grades from the Northern Colorado region. This group aims to give an enrichment experience to superior young musicians by programming challenging yet appropriate literature.

Rehearsal is all day (8AM-4:30PM) with the concert at 7:00 at the UCCC.

Please read below for more information:

We are excited to once again offer the opportunity of the Combined League Middle School Honor Band to young musicians in the Northern Colorado region.  We will have a guest conductor this year and we know that will be an exciting and challenging opportunity for our students.

Our guest conductor will be .  

Students will rehearse for one day (January 8th, 2018) and perform a concert that evening in Greeley at the Union Colony Civic Center.  The Combined League High School Honor Band will also perform on the same concert. Exact times will be set later, in the past we have started rehearsals at 8am and the concert is usually at 7pm.

This is an open invitation to any middle school band director and their students.  If you are interested, please review the paragraphs below and respond by using the attached form no later than Friday, September 11th.  You do not need to nominate students yet simply let me know that you would like to participate.  After I have a total of schools that would like to participate I will let you know what percentage of your students or how many students can be selected from each school.

Also, please review the names on the email and check for any Middle School Bands that I may have omitted and feel free to forward this onto them.  Thank you!

Statement of philosophy:  This is a select ensemble comprised of students in 7th and 8th grades from the Northern Colorado region. This group aims to give an enrichment experience to superior young musicians by programming challenging yet appropriate literature.

There is no audition however instrumentation dictates the size of the ensemble.  How many students each director is allowed to submit will be based on how many directors would like to participate.  Students receive music at least a month ahead and are expected to prepare their individual parts with the assistance of their band director.  Students then rehearse for one day to prepare as a full ensemble. Directors are required to attend the full day rehearsal with their students. Each director will help with sectional rehearsals, food, set-up and teardown. Each student will pay a fee that will cover lunch expenses and the cost of our guest conductor.  Students clothing for the concert will be the same as their school concert attire.


Nomination procedure:  Below you will find the form to submit your Combine League Middle School Honor Band recommendations.  PLEASE DO NOT NOTIFY STUDENTS yet until we have all nominations finalized.  All nominations must be submitted no later than October 21st.

We have 24 schools and directors participating this year!  To keep our band a  size that will be beneficial to all participants we will start with each director nominating their top 4 students and 1 alternate.  If you do not have 4 students that meet the minimum knowledge requirements please nominate those that you do.  I will put together the instrumentation and see if we need to pull in any alternates.  I will notify you who has been accepted by October 24th.

Directors are asked to recommend students for this ensemble that meet these minimum knowledge/performance requirements listed below.

Minimum Knowledge/Performance Requirement

Combine League Middle School Honor Band

The following are guidelines for directors to consider when recommending students to participate in the Combine League Middle School Honor Band.  Our hope is to insure that the quality of musicians being recommended to this ensemble remains at a high level.  Please think about these guidelines when looking to recommend a student for this ensemble.

Students should know and be able to:

Play at least one octave concert F, B-flat, E-flat, and A-flat major scales (with correct fingerings, consistent tone, and correct technique.)

Play a variety of styles of music (at grade level 2) with consistent tone, correct technique, dynamic contrast, correct articulations, and musicality.

Demonstrate rhythmic proficiency with 2/4, ¾, 4/4, 6/8, and cut time.  Including whole, half, dotted half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and dotted rhythms.  (All rhythms used/introduced in your second year method book)

Demonstrate proper instrument hold, posture, and characteristic tone on their instrument.

Demonstrate strong rehearsal behavior and preparedness.

Percussionists must be strong on both mallet and battery instruments

Please open the following link and find the tab along the bottom that has the name of your school on it. If you do not find your school please email Britt Forman (  Click on that tab and enter your information.  Indicate which student is your alternate on the spreadsheet. Please double check the spelling of students names so that they are correct for the program.